MikroTik Certified Wireless Engineering

Course Description:

This course is designed to give the ability to make the right choice of wireless equipment and design complex wireless networks.

You'll be able to identify the key required for setup and troubleshoot wireless devices/networks.

you'll also be able to understand RF fundamentals and tools to determine the range of signal strenght within a particular coverage area.

Also learn the possibility to use many kind of wireless connectivity technique,ptp,ptmp,Backhaul links ,bridging using (STP,RSTP),WDS,and Mesh with HWMP along with routing protocols etc..


- Good Knowledge of networking and TCP/IP

- Basic Knowledge of wireless networking

- Valid MTCNA Certificate

Class Duration: 3 Days (18 Hours)

MTCWE Course Outline:

Module 1: Wireless Installation

Module 2: Wireless Standard

Module 3:Wireless Tools

Module 4: Wireless Troubleshooting 

Module 5:Wireless Advanced Settings

Module 6: 802.11n

Module 7:Wireless Security

Module 8: WDS and MESH

Module 9: Wireless Bridging

Module 10:Nstreme Protocol

Module 11: NV2 Protocol


Full MTCWE course outline is available here


what's include in this price?

- Training with online excam

- Training Materials

- Free RouteBoard 951

- T-shirt